135m Bungee Swiss Alps!

This is a video of me doing a 135m bungee jump in the Swiss alps in 2012. The jump is located in Stockhorn. I jumped out of a cable car over Lake Stocksee before being lowered into a boat.

Bungee jumping is an amazing feeling, you are relatively close to the ground so you can feel the speed pick up as you fall towards the ground.

This was actually the second time I have bungee jumped but it was over twice the height as the first time. Personally I think doing a bungee is better than just a tandem skydive would be. Saying that I never did a tandem sky dive and went straight to solo. I still plan to do a tandem one day, as I think it would be scary to go from being in complete control to being strapped onto someone else!

I highly recommend everyone bungee jumps at some point!

I was glad I did this jump as it helped prepare me for my free fall body suspension.


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