Awakening Experience – The Secret To Unity & Peace?

Imagine a moment in life, where so many questions you have about the world are answered, your whole perception of reality has a dramatic shift, this then brings a whole new series of questions. As you have thoughts, you are able to then analyse those thoughts from a more aware perspective and realise what is truly important. You feel as if you have unlocked the truth, you feel nothing but love, happiness and pure bliss. You realise what has happened inside yourself is the most significant and rewarding experience you have ever had, and probably will ever have.  You are now aware that up until now in life you have just gone along with things because ” that’s how thing are “. But now you know, life doesn’t have to be like that, and it’s time to choose your own meaning in this world.

This is my best attempt to describe an experience that really can’t be put into words.

Depending on the culture and the path of the individual involved this can be referred to as enlightenment, ego death, an awakening experience or several other terms throughout the world. An awakening experience unlocks you from the evolved and conditioned mind, to the origin of being. It is an experience in life where one has a shift of consciousness, to a higher state of awareness.

Imagine a life being free of every piece of propaganda you have been force fed since you were born. Awakening

You may think it feels like the flick of a switch in the head, however this experience develops in stages. Though, once you experience an awakening, there is no going back. I have heard the word enlightenment often, also I have read about awakening experiences but until it happens, this is a very hard concept to grasp. As much as I had felt I had unlocked so much happiness in life, I also felt as though I was now going to feel disconnected from friends, family and society. You find yourself completely re-assessing your values and changing your opinion and direction in life.

You feel intense love and empathy for every living creature, as well as the planet and universe itself. You feel a strong unity with everything.

Here is a video by Jim Carey talking about his awakening experience.

Recently I had started writing a philosophy page for my blog. The idea of this page is to try and highlight my direction and thinking in life, as well as the principles I try to share through my website which is designed to inspire and motivate readers to a life of spiritual richness instead of materialistic wealth. I started to create this page as I felt as though I had personally unlocked a pretty amazing truth. Saying that,  I did not realise what I had discovered is what many before me had also felt until I was linked to an article for people who are confused by their awakening experience. This is what helped me realise what had actually happened. Then after being recommended by a friend to read ” A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle ” a lot of confusion that aroused after my awakening experience was mapped out. I highly recommend everyone reads this book. I am sure it will change your direction in life. Here is a very short extract taken from the book.

Now many of you may ask what lead me to this, how did I get there? In all honesty, until earlier this year I thought the idea of me being spiritual was a ridiculous suggestion. I felt I was an Atheist. That Atheists are not spiritual at all. As well as my best friend highlighting I had turned spiritual, Heather my Yogi at the Yoga and Meditation retreat I stayed at in Thailand pointed out to me that being spiritual isn’t exactly religious. Here is Heather’s definition of spiritual.

” Religion is a system of beliefs, like dogma or set ways.

Spirituality refers to the elevation of spirit, rather than matter…any way one chooses to heighten consciousness or awareness to be a more real human being.  Being spiritual is learning to be a more alive, aware and enlightened person. “

This made no where near as much sense to me at first, as it makes to me now. I now understand that religion and philosophy can just be a way of thinking to direct someone to reach a state of enlightenment. Not only has this experience made me realise that being an atheist can be just as blind as being religious, but it has also helped me grasp other concepts such as re-incarnation. I now realise, society is really similar to one massive religion. It is a set of systems and beliefs you are born and indoctrinated into, forced to believe and conform to due to  fear and dependance, the fact it is a system based on dependance is what makes it hard to break free from. Hopefully one day the system will change to one of anti-authoritarian, where the world is our only border and success is based on happiness and health of all inhabitants, as opposed to ones of selfish materialistic and superficial nature.

Here, Russel Brand who is a strong advocate of reaching this state of mind Interviews a Quantum Physicist Dr John Hagelin and discusses this concept in a scientific fashion.

You may ask, how does one experience this? Well, countless religions around the world have attempted to help people reach this point. As have the hippies. Anarchist beliefs and movements are tied into this style of thinking, However with recent events around the world a lot of people are starting to wake up. There is plenty of activist documentaries being made now. Topics ranging from awakening, through to  about corporations, Anarchy, tyranny, mind control, social conditioning and so on. These are a great area to focus your attention. Also, many people have stated that psychedelic drugs such as acid, DMT, Ayahuasca, mushrooms and MDMA have induced an awakening. As has lucid dreaming and astral projection, which releases the same chemical in your brain as smoking DMT. Others have been in a state of depression, had a near death experience or simply just read a book. There is websites such as that encourage free thinking in it’s rawest form. I also know meditation was a great factor for me. As Russel Brand and Dr John Hagelin said in the above video,  transcendental meditation is a great way. From a more scientific direction, Quantum Physics is all based on this perspective shift also. It is so amazing having a science that perfectly joins with spirituality. We truly are living in an amazing era having the ability to join science and spirituality and share our free thinking via the internet with such amazing technology at our disposal.

I hope my story about my awakening experience, as abstract as it may sound to some may inspire some new free thinking in every reader.  As the more I can inspire you, the more you can inspire me. We Are All Connected.

Please feel free to leave comments, and any attempts to share this article would be greatly appreciated.

Ian at Bucketlist

Hi, I’m Ian and I have made it my life mission to travel and experience everything this world has to offer. Follow me on my quest to live outside the boundaries of conventional society and see the world through the eyes of all our fellow inhabitants. I hope to inspire and motivate you to make your own path in life and push your own limits.

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  1. meals August 20, 2013 8:29 am  Reply

    Nicely written! You smart boy.

    I think my awakening started when I watched this documentary called Hungry For Change. Its about how the food industry basically gives us ‘food like products’ that make us sick.

    I’d always felt from about the age of 21 that things weren’t ‘right’. That documentary just confirmed all my feelings and made me more confident to embrace them and not let other people put me down.

    Its interesting what you say about drugs inducing an awakening – I regret my drug taking days, but also I think if I hadn’t taken them, I wouldn’t have reached alternate patterns/levels of thought.

    Ironically I feel drug taking is a materialistic, ego driven activity, part of social conditioning… but others will surely argue that it is a ‘rebel’ activity.

    I think once you are awakened to one thing, you will spend the rest of your life continuing to awaken… That’s my hope anyway!

    • Ian Hard August 20, 2013 9:56 am  Reply

      Thanks Meals!

      I watched that documentary the other day. It’s ridiculous they are allowed to get away with that sort of thing. I like the quote in the ” 0.8% of deaths are homicide, 60% are weight related, but nobody’s talking about that”

      I don’t regret any thing in my life to get me where I am today. It’s the hard times that makes us happy in the end.

  2. Alex August 21, 2013 11:41 pm  Reply

    Would you ever consider doing a ted talk? I think youd be great!

    • Ian Hard August 21, 2013 11:50 pm  Reply

      Cheers for the message!

      I have actually only really discovered the Ted talks the past few weeks.
      I would love to do one, however I am un-aware of the process to get involved. Have you got any info?

  3. Alex August 22, 2013 12:07 am  Reply

    I have been watching Ted talks for months now, I’m actually hoping to attend one in october in Perth, Australia while i’m in the country and I know that they’re still recruiting for a few more days!
    I also know it’s done in Sydney but I don’t think they’re having any more this year.

    I have seen people talk about vegansim, spirituality, broadening your mind and being less materialistic, but I reckon you would be something rather unique! Especially as you are a nomad!

    Here is the link to the main website:
    and to the nomination:

    • Ian Hard August 22, 2013 12:59 am  Reply

      Oh great, Thank you for the kind words and the support! I will have a look into it tomorrow, if I feel I could put together a worthy talk I will apply. It would be easy enough for me to do one in Perth.

      I have had other people suggest I should do talks at business’s, universities and other organisations as a motivational speaker. I feel I need to achieve a bit more before I am worthy of such a thing.

      I am working on a huge amount of content to be up in the next week or so that has a lot to do with this post. Will give everyone the opportunity to join in.

  4. Johnathon August 22, 2013 12:49 am  Reply

    Man I am stoked to see how much you have experienced and grown over the past few months!

    i think the TED talk would be a dope idea! I can see myself hopping on a plane and attending that talk!

    • Ian Hard August 22, 2013 1:01 am  Reply

      Thanks dude! I actually have a lot of content to get up. I haven’t even mentioned the 100 sky dives I have done recently for a start! Videos take time to edit though!

      We can try make a Ted talk happen, it would be pretty funny. It would be nice to meet the few people who do comment on my page also.

  5. Johnathon August 22, 2013 1:12 am  Reply

    I have actually recommended your page to plenty of people, but to have you do a ted talk or something similar would be a better way to get them motivated into reading your blog.

    I actually think that the fact that you are just starting out and have had limited experience may enrich the talk in someway. help people relate to you more, as you’re currently in the thick of it and experiencing hardships and difficulties first hand, as opposed to looking back on all this in a few years time.

    Especially if people are looking for a way to lead a similar lifestyle to you, but aren’t too sure how.

    • Ian Hard August 22, 2013 1:38 am  Reply

      I do agree.

      I will be rolling with this for some time. As well as keep purity of the site and idea with no advertising and not making money out of it so I am still working a job like any one else would have to. I don’t want people being all ” it’s easy for you to say we still have to pay bills etc”.

      I will give it a shot, see if I can do a talk. I’m all about new experiences and testing my self. Talking in front of a crowd would certainly do that haha.

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