Exploring Culture – Becoming Vegan, So That’s What Amazing Feels Like? Part 2

If you read my original post on attempting going vegan for 30 days or part 1 of this post you would know I have recently transferred to a vegan lifestyle. In Part 2 I would like to share my experience of going through an intense detox for 2-3 weeks, realising I am allergic to soy, through to the positives such as heightened awareness and clarity in my thinking, as well as heightened sense of smell and the feeling of vibrant energy I now enjoy.

For all those out there that use the term ” clean eating ” and still consume animal products, I now know, until you go vegan for at least a month you have no idea what clean is. I’m not referring to the blood on ones hands from consuming animal products, but the amount of toxins from animal products that clog up the body and cloud the mind. 

The first few days of being vegan I felt really positive that I could not only last the 30 days, but switch to a plant based diet. I feel this confidence was due to reading books and articles as well as exploring the shops and learning about new products and ways to eat. Around 3 nights in I went out in the city and got ridiculously drunk, fell asleep in the cab on the way back to where I was staying and after waking up on arrival I was starving. When I went upstairs I realised there was no food I could eat, so in my drunk exhausted state I had to mission (it was seriously a mission) down lifts to the underground parking to get food out of my car. I remember having my eyes half open and using the walls to hold me up. I also remember telling myself, that if I can resist the easy option of eating foods that contain animal products in this weak state, then I can last forever. It was the next day, combined with my hangover that I realised my health was deteriorating. I did not feel good at all. The next day after my hangover I went for a run and my efforts were pathetic. I could not run far at all and ended up walking back. I was sure I was getting all the nutrients I needed because I was being extra careful. By day 7  I was positive I had lost my energy, I was losing weight and getting really concerned. The joints in my hands and other parts of my body just felt malnourished. I spoke to a professional who said I may not be eating enough. This shocked me, as I had been stuffing my face with so many different vegan foods. I was getting daily headaches, body aches and pains, itches, rashes,  I could not think clearly and was just concerned I may need to see a vegan nutritionist or end my experience which I was determine not to do. Even though I was eating the healthiest I had in years, I still decided to see a doctor.  He said I may just have a virus. But everything didn’t add up.

I spent my time reading more on the internet and soon discovered some people can suffer intense detox symptoms when switching to a vegan plant based diet. Especially if switching cold turkey from an omnivore diet the way I did. All these symptoms were due to the fact that my body was getting a chance to expel all the toxins in my body from eating animal products. As they were all leaving my body they were affecting my health on their way out. On top of that, I discovered I am allergic to soy and that soy or tofu gives me headaches. I have since stopped eating soy, especially tofu as it is processed any way. I am absolutely amazed at the way the body acts when detoxing. I now believe detoxing is such a great idea for everyone.

Day 15! After eating healthy for a few weeks, hitting the a hot spa and sauna to assist getting the toxins out of my body I started to get my energy back. I may have lost a few kilos, but when referring to the notes I kept, it seems day 15 is where I started to find my feet. I have only improved more and more since then. I now feel my energy levels are constant and do not fluctuate. In short, I feel amazing! Spending everyday with constant vibrant energy leaves me feeling more balanced than I have ever felt. This helps me be far more productive and less moody. If you read my post about my awakening experience then you would know I had some major changes in the way I think recently. I have now learnt this has a lot to do with the activation of the Pineal Gland (the third eye chakra) and other parts of the brain which can become cloudy with toxins. From my research lately I now believe that switching to a plant based diet was a playing factor in the way my brain now functions. I think with heightened awareness, greater clarity, and I am able to process information faster than I use to. This was a cheeky bonus I was never expecting purely from cutting animal products out of my diet. My body just seems to run a lot cleaner now. My head feels a lot clearer, I can smell more, but this isn’t always a good thing. I was sitting next to someone eating bacon the other day and had to move. Saying that, as gross as the smell was, I was more amazed at the fact I could smell it over that distance, as in the past I certainly wouldn’t have.

Obviously from some of the symptoms described above, switching cold turkey was not an easy experience. I am actually so impressed with my self that I have managed to break strong habits and addictions I have had for my whole life. Most people these days tend to battle with diets at one time or another. They get weak and don’t stick to the regime that planned out for their bodies. We have all done it. I now feel that this experience has made be better understand why we get weak and cave. This will help me to build the mental strength in others trying to stick to a diet, or break out of old habits and away from strong addictions.

On top of learning how to live on a plant based diet I also started learning about Ayurveda which is traditional medicine from India that takes a holistic approach to physical and mental health. I have learnt that ” alternative medicine ” is in fact original medicine. It is a science that has been around for 1000’s of years. Though Western medicine that is based on super pills that target one specific illness has it’s great advantages, I feel as though our ignorance towards traditional remedies, especially of the holistic nature should be changed.Vegan Meme

In part 3 I will talk about the issues I have encountered with people switching to a plant based diet. It’s amazing noticing on a new level how much we allow what we eat to be a big part of our identity. In some friend and work circles I now sport the name ” Vegan” due to the shock my diet has had on others. This at times has suppose to have been an insult, but other times it is used in an admirable way.  Though the vibe from most people has been positive, you will be shocked by the ignorance and hate I have experienced from others.

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  1. jack September 24, 2013 8:39 am  Reply

    Nice post.

    Would you consider smoking of cannabis to have a similar role of clearing the mind? Or does that just cloud symptoms?

    Whats your view on weed in general?

    • Ian Hard September 24, 2013 9:30 am  Reply

      Good Question!

      In short, I don’t know. I have not researched weed very much. Personally I don’t smoke it.

      Though from my point of view there is a few ways to look at this.

      I am big on meditation boosting clarity of the mind, many people who are advocates of authentic meditation are against any thing that alters the way they think such as prescribed drugs, alcohol, weed, Psychedelics, coffee and so on. So this would suggest it would cloud the mind.

      There is lots of people into spirituality that are big on meditation, however use drugs such as psychedelics and weed to help promote a shift in consciousness.

      Main stream media and our parents would say it clouds our minds!

      Then there is groups that are pro weed that say it can also help promote a shift in consciousness much the same as spirituality, psychedelics do.

      I guess it is worth reading about. I read a bit into psychedelics, though not weed.

      My view on weed is that it should be decriminalised. A long with most drugs. I believe drug abuse should be treated as a mental health issue, not a crime. If we decriminalise drugs and have them sold in controlled methods I believe it will be a lot safer for the community. Ketermine, Iboga, Mushrooms and weed along with other drugs have all been proven to cure depression and relieve pain from sickness.They have also found just one trip on Iboga can cure Heroin addiction. I think we should embrace these positives. On top of that I am against any one such as the government telling us what we can and can’t do with our bodies and minds.

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