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So I left Sydney for Asia on Tuesday. I was excited to be getting back overseas after being back in Australia for 6 months. I was excited to get the airport as I usually am, but things were about to get more exciting. This was the first time I have checked into an international flight with Platinum frequent flyer status which I got last year from doing so many flights for work and because I always book on The Flying Kangaroo (Qantas). When I check in for international flights I usually wear a collared shirt and jeans to look presentable for when I see how far I can push things when I make requests in the lounge and attempt for upgrades. Same thing for checking into hotels. I’d like to now point out I got a cheap ticket to Singapore for $255. After being dropped at the Airport I went straight to the first class priority check in which my FF status allows me to do. When checking in I was notified what time my massage  in the First Class lounge day spa would be and that I was going to be given a free upgrade to business class. I was then given an departure card and priority pass which got me through customs in no time. I then headed straight to the lounge. From being dropped off to walking into the lounge would have only been 15 minutes max.

Once in the lounge I found one of the office desks to setup my macbook and started ordering cocktails and delicious food from the menu to have it served super fast. I was enjoying this. Then I headed to the day spa to get my massage, but decided to pass on the facial as I need something to look forward to next time. I then downed more cocktails before I headed to my flight.

As I got to my flight I was probably the 5th person to get on and I realised I was in the second row, in one of the big first class seats. I was so far forward I was almost flying the plane. I then proceeded to down champagne and wine, which is a very rare thing for me to do as I am a spirits man. When the plane took off I was all ready in a great mood, then we had easily the most amazing scenery I have ever seen from a comercial plane as we took off over Sydney and the Blue mountains at sunset with super blue sky and these pretty clouds. We were still very low when heading over the blue mountains and the sun beaming onto the huge cliffs making the distinct orange sandstone rock look amazing. I took some photos on my iPhone through the window but they just do not do justice to how amazing it looked. As the flight went on I was looking out the window far more then usual as the sunset flight was making the view amazing.

As dinner was starting to be served I realised these seats allowed two people to dine at the same table, this was the moment I started to wish I had someone to enjoy this flight with. It is such a different feeling being in the larger seats then back in economy that I am use to. Most of the time I forgot I was even flying.

After the flight it felt as if I had easily consumed more then $255 worth of food and drink, plus scored a free flight and massage.

So then upon arrival to singapore I went straight to the first class lounge to shower in the nice showers (beats the hostel showers!) then change into my back packer style clothes and leave the airport. I always wear cheap clothes and look daggy when leaving international airports over seas. Because people are going to gauge how much they can charge you for things, as well as consider kid napping you, stealing things and so on!

I checked into my $16 a night hostel that you were not allowed shoes on inside, had a disturbed sleep and then woke up in the morning to eat 2 slices of toast, some basic fruit and have a tea.

After breakfast I went for a run around Singapore, an activity I enjoy doing in a new place to explore and see things from a different perspective. I was in a really happy mood thinking of the past 24 hours experience’s and thought about how life really is about happy mediums. Having the same level of happiness in a hostel as in the first class lounge reminds me of just one of the many reasons why I enjoy travel and the spontaneous excitement that can occur.

I will keep posting more stories from my trip over the next few weeks, I will be taking lots of photos and videos to upload at a later date.


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  1. bastian May 22, 2013 12:40 am  Reply

    haha… my flight to Tonsai in March was the first ever business class ticket I bought for leisure travel. $1500 return from Paris for a 13-hour overnight flight was too good an offer to pass up. And that flight gave me enough miles to get me all the way to Hawaii and back as well!
    Did you visit the lounge in Phuket on your departure? I LOVED to be ushered past about 500 people waiting in security lines! Emerald status rules indeed!

    • Ian Hard June 7, 2013 9:07 pm  Reply

      As awesome as business is, I don’t see the value in money for the short duration.. Though I will always happily accept free upgrades 🙂

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