How India Changed My Perception Of Reality

There was so many reasons for me to head to India. However my main goal was to learn Yoga and meditation. I planned to balance my mind so I would make smarter and wiser decisions in my life, mostly in the area of extreme sports. I thought if I was to learn the art of meditation I would not make as many careless risks when participating in my passion of extreme sports and any other areas of my life where I push my brain, body and mind to it’s limits. Physically I planned to balance my body so I could leap off a cliff more accurately and place my body in the perfect position. I also desired to have balance in my step to assist me traverse across any terrain I find myself on as efficiently as possible. Climbing, walking, running, swimming or any other form of un-motored form of travel. Also I would have the added bonus of reducing my risk to injury and fatigue. Spending two months in India helped me achieve those goals. On top of that it drastically changed me as a person. Not only did I learn to be more level headed with my ego driven personal pursuits in life. But I reduced the need for many of these activities in my life. In the past for me to function I needed to climb, get trashed or subject myself to a high energy activity that would stimulate me and feed my addictions that control my every thought. Though now I have learnt to be more content, in the moment and think with greater awareness that can assist me in avoiding a potential destructive situation. Saying that, it’s amazing how quickly it is possible to have happiness and strength shattered in a moment, no matter how we do choose to live our lives.

Nothing is permanent

During my time in India I felt as if I had been smashed into a thousand pieces, spun around in a machine and sprayed off into the universe against my own will. I arrived back in Australia extremely malnourished, depressed and fragile. I did not stick to rules I had implemented in my life and turned myself into a hypocrite. I needed to eat. I ended up eating kangroo meat and also at one point even ate ice cream that contained dairy. I am so very against the dairy industry for strong reasons of health and ethics, though still in my fragile state I did not care about any one else or anything as much as I usually would. Not anywhere near as close as to the time I actually cared. I  found myself in a situation that I was  weak and vulnerable and I just really needed to consume as much food as possible. I was too lazy to cook or source the delicious vegan food I usually live off. I was broken. But now I realise, in times like this you need to do what is best in the moment. As my mate once told me ” you can’t have ethics when you are struggling to survive”. He gained this outlook on life from growing up in Brazilian hippie colonies and cults. I also now understand why the Dalai Lama is not vegetarian. It’s hard to grow plants in Tibet. Even though the Vedic science used for health in Tibet and the philosophy Buddhism was constructed with proves that a plant based diet is optimum for clarity in the mind and to have great health, it is not a hard rule to reach nirvana. At the end of the day all energy on earth originates from the sun and and we digest it in various physical forms. So using my diet goals as an example, I have learnt that though it is great to set ourselves ambitions and goals with time limits, it can also have an undesired outcome in the long run. Time is not real, time is a tool created by man. We use the universe along with technology to measure time, however it is not something we should revolve our lives around. For me now, life is about having thoughts of love and compassion. If we have thoughts of love and compassion we can create actions of love and compassion. These actions of love and compassion should be what we are capable of in each moment. By not implementing hard rules on ourselves we have released some of the stress we endure that can have a harmful impact on ourselves and our bodies healing capabilities. The strong, balanced state I left for India in was broken in a few days. When I was strong I never thought I could ever fall back into my old life of destructive actions or end up depressed. Nothing is permanent.

It is what it is (until it isn’t anymore)

This small saying is stuck in my head. I used to talk and write about positive motivation and psychology. However, labelling something as positive or negative is being ignorant to the lesson that can be learnt. Everything happens for a reason. If we are to look at situations as they are without judgment than we can learn from any mistakes made by ourselves or others, along with any other form of unfortunate outcome. What I used to call positive psychology I will now call conscious awareness.

The mind is not seated in the brain

Though western science is yet to prove if eastern philosophy and science is right or wrong as to all our thoughts being manifested in our materialistic bodies or being influenced by a higher power of wireless consciousness that navigates us through multiple universes, it can be said with strong confidence that the mind is not seated in the brain. Our thoughts and feelings are from our bodies and brains. Participating in meditation and conscious lifestyle choices we can detach our mind from materialistic form, though at the same time release the stress and pressure on ourselves with physical exercise.

Relaxation is as important as stimulation

Throughout my life I have always used various forms of stimulation to motivate me to reach set goals. However through relaxation we are able to eradicate the need to even have these goals. Instead of pumping ourselves full of energy we can bring ourselves back to a balanced content state of mind and enjoy the moment. Though I still use various forms of stimulation such as high energy music to help energise me and motivate me to complete certain tasks in life, I now also do the opposite. I use relaxing sounds and techniques that render  the activity and goal pointless. The less stress we endure, the more liberated we can feel. I am glad I learnt this lesson so early in life due to the current paradigm we find our selves in that is heavily built on stimulation and fear.

Though every interaction I had in India helped me reach these new outlooks, I must thank my philosophy teacher Viriam for everything she taught me and my class. Especially the fact that most new systems of reaching liberation from suffering are mostly repackaged articulations of ancient philosophy that has benefited many before us.

 Personality Hangover

As I made the decision to learn as much as I can about the universe and participate in as many activities as safely possible to change my perception of reality, I have also found what can be the most confronting and hard to overcome issue. The personality hangover. I feel as though my life is extremely fast paced. I evolve rapidly. I can completely 180 on strong held beliefs. This has left me with a personality hangover. I struggle to keep up with myself, let alone have anyone or everyone keep up with me also. Myself and those who know me have constructed a story about me . This creates my identity. In reality this identity changes rapidly and confuses myself and others about what I stand and live for. I receive constant criticism about my life and the things I say. Even having this blog proves how vocal I am about my life, thoughts and feelings. These thoughts and feelings change at such rapid speeds. As I learn new information I re-evaluate my beliefs. Unfortunately I don’t always have the time to explain my reasoning why to friends and family. So unfortunately I am constantly receiving criticism over my activism and actions for the person I was in the past. At the moment I have no idea how to fix this other than to just shut up, which wont ever happen. Though for now I am working on this daily to be more consistent in life, while still pushing for change.

Ian at Bucketlist

Hi, I’m Ian and I have made it my life mission to travel and experience everything this world has to offer. Follow me on my quest to live outside the boundaries of conventional society and see the world through the eyes of all our fellow inhabitants. I hope to inspire and motivate you to make your own path in life and push your own limits.

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  1. Kate Schubert February 4, 2014 9:08 am  Reply

    I found this to be one of your best posts 🙂
    So very true about strong held belief systems and that nothing is permanent. When we are broken it gives opportunity for us to re-emerge as humans. If we are constantly pushing to be positive and stimulated then we are being inauthentic with ourselves and others.Relaxation and so called negative emotions(anger,anxiety,sadness) give us the opportunity to grow and paradoxically live a much more authentic and positive life. Great post and sounds like such an experience that India gave you!! 🙂

  2. Usman February 6, 2014 8:53 am  Reply

    Hey I see you are motivated in exploring which is a good trait of traveller. So, I personally invite you in Pakistan. Give a chance and then decide between in India and Pakistan. 🙂

    I am free during the 22-30 March.

  3. Marshallfbd February 18, 2021 9:23 pm  Reply

    manuscripts underwent in the Middle

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