Let Those Who Inspire Me Inspire You! – Let The Interviews Begin!

It was being interviewed by  Dani at write-and-ramble.com (you can find the interview here) about my free fall suspension that really gave me the drive to start doing my own interviews. I had this idea some time ago, but it was watching the reaction to mine that gave me the energy and excitement to start my own! I now have a long list of people to interview, that will constantly grow. Some of these people are friends I have had for years with amazing passions, others are those I have met recently on my travels, or only have a friendship with through the internet. Though the one thing they all have in common is that have all influenced my decisions in some way, as well as motivated me to do something more positive about the way I live my life in one way or another. Every single one of these people is extremely passionate about a sport or hobby, has an amazing alternative lifestyle, is an activist for a cause they passionately believe in, or has a excessive love for travel.

The questions are designed to show what each person is interested in and passionate about, how it influences their travel and more importantly where they find their energy and inspiration. I am also interested to find out their dreams and aspirations. Personally I don’t think you can ever dream to big, so it will be interesting learning each others goals in life, and where they hope to make it in their field. Saying that, some of these people are all ready extremely successful, others are still young and only just starting out.  But what I can say for each and every one of them is that I don’t think they will ever gauge their happiness on their level of success. They just love doing what they do, and they will do it no matter what! I think everyone can agree that pushing your own limits, as well as societies is extremely rewarding and exciting.

I will also be learning from each person what is number one on their bucket list, as well as what activity they would love to add to mine. I am accepting all suggestions even if it is as ridiculous as jumping rainbows on unicorns. I will then be trying to attempt some of these activities over time if my location permits! Remember everyone is always welcome to make a suggestion here. 

But first, before I start uploading the interviews I would like to share with you some others who have inspired me in the past. If you would like more information on anyone just click their name!

Ueli Steck

Ueli Steck is a boss. His attitude towards life and climbing is so amazing and inspiring. He refuses to use oxygen when he climbs, and is one of the very few people to climb Everest without oxygen. Everything to Ueli has to be pure. He solo climbs dangerous cliff faces such as the Eiger that most can only dream of in world record times. Reading Ueli’s stories and watching some of his videos are uber inspiring. The youtube video below of him climbing the Eiger is one of the most inspiring videos I have ever seen.

 Dean Potter 

Dean Potter is a pure inspiration. I am sure there is many people who are inspired and some what envious of his slack lining, climbing and BASE jumping abilities. This man holds a few records in the climbing and BASE jumping communities. He is the main man behing Free Base which is climbing big walls with only a BASE rig as a safety back up. I really can’t emphasise how dangerous and skillfull this is. Not only that, he free solos cliffs such as the North Face of the Eiger with no safety back up. He has also set up some amazing high lines which he also does without back up. On top of that he also opened the High Eiger BASE exit, I believe he is one of only 2 people to leave this exit point in a tracking suit and not a wing suit due to the incredible danger, and skill required to pull such a jump off. Obviously all these things are inspiring to me, but also his outlook on life is incredible and I love the way he also adapts meditation to what he does. He helped me learn how closely related meditating and these sports can be.

Alain Robert aka The French Spider Man

Alain has been an inspiration since I was much younger. I remember seeing him on the news after he had climbed a building in Sydney. He has climbed many famous buildings and structures around the world, most of the time without a permit, only to be arrested, sometimes charged and even deported. To climb sky scrapers with out a solid safety back up is incredible, especially with the added stress of worrying about getting caught and deported at the end. I love it how he does not let the rules of society stop him from having his fun! I’d like to point out though, as a safety pre-caution he does have a belt around his waist with 2 hooks he can put on the structure if he has any trouble or needs to give his hands a rest.

Soul Flyers  

The Soul Flyers – Fred Fugen, Vince Reffet, Jean-Philippe Teffaud, Loic Jean-Albert, Stéphane Zunino are a Professional “Flying Team”. Watching them jump off KL tower in September 2012 was an amazing experience. I am inspired by them as they are pushing the limits with Free Fly BASE more then others. It’s incredible to watch.


Chris ‘douggs’ Mcdougall is an Australian proffesional BASE jumper and sky diver. He has done 2600+ BASE jumps, 1000+ wingsuit jumps in over 38 countries. He has stood on the edge with many people for their first BASE jump. He has mentored many people in the sport, but no where near as many as he has inspired with his photos, videos, book, website, youtube channel and so on. He is highly respected by everyone in the BASE community, both in Australia and over seas. I love the way he lives an alternate lifestyle and he has managed to achieve so much. Through his book, internet and T.V. appearances he has not only demonstrated his amazing sporting capabilities but shared a strong message about life and the ups and downs that may be experienced in a world of BASE.

Nomadic Matt

It was reading Nomadic Matts site that helped inspired me to create mine. As I was already living an Nomadic lifestyle I found a lot of info on his site helpful. I also bought some of his books which helped me learn about blogging which was a new concept for me at the time. Matt lives a Nomadic life traveling the world teaching his followers all about cheap travel. He sends a very strong message that travel is cheaper then you realise. His site is certainly worth a look for keen travellers.

With music there really is so many people who have inspired me, so this really is just a short list.

Mix Architekt

This man was a big playing factor in the way I mixed and performed while playing music. Not only has he heavily influenced myself, but I believe he has also influenced some of the worlds biggest DJ’s such as Chris Liebing. Mix Architekt is a boss at programming midi controllers, especially the Allen & Heath range. He actually works with Allen & Heath to help design new products amongst other things. I don’t think there is any one else I have approached on the internet for tech support that has been so helpful. When I was setting up my new mixer/midi controller and having tech issues I was amazed at the support I received. It was great knowing there is people out there willing to help strangers they have never met with issues they have pursuing their passion. I compare this to “friends” I have locally who also understand music well that would not give you the time of day to help in such a way because to them they act as if it is all a big competition to be the superstar.  Not only did Mix Architekt inspire the way I made techno pump in the club, but he also inspired me to give the time of day to any one else who emails me or messages me in a similar fashion. Great Man! I am sure I will meet him one day when I am in his hood!

Chris Liebing

This legend is just a techno boss. Though until recently he shared no tips as to how he did it, and I had to figure it out for myself his setup was basically what I copied with live performance in music. Other then Ritchie Hawtin and possibly Deadmau5 when he puts effort in it is one of the most advance setups in playing live techno around today. Copying Chris’s ideas I was able to play techno that was far more advanced then most the crowd that was just playing off CD’s or a DJ software using the same mix structure. Also for DJ’s Chris seems like a much nicer more down to earth person then a lot of the try hards out there! Definitely an inspiration.

DJ Endo

This man assisted me and others, such as Chris Liebing fill a missing link with his tech know how of configuring music software and hardware. His online tutorials for various programs and hardware assisted me greatly. Unfortunately he wasn’t as great as Mix Architekt at answering emails for tech support, but he still did offer a lot of inspiration and guidance with his online videos. His know how has greatly assisted the advancement in the DJ technology for those who are interested.

Ritchie Hawtin

Ritchie Hawtin was one of the first white dudes to create techno, he moved to Canada and lived across the bridge from Detroit where the techno boom started. Not only was he brave enough to start throwing techno parties in basements around Detroit in a predominately black neighbourhood but he also started the whole minimal movement that is really gaining momentum at the moment. With the influence of his brothers art he made his music and style extremely raw. This raw minimal style has influenced the music I listen to as well as the way I dress, and possibly even partly the way I look at life. I find things that are minimal so much more pure with out all the commercial hype. Also Ritchie Hawtin was a great influence because he performs with the most technologically advanced setup out of any electronic artist I know of.

Tom Cosm 

Tom I found makes great tutorial videos for Ableton live. He also runs a great online community that gets people of all different skill levels involved in many intriguing different ways to become better at producing music.  His lessons, and his online community really assisted my learning in making music and have the desire to have a website with a small community of shared interests.

Feel free to leave comments and questions below.


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