I love Jumping Off Cliffs – Rope Swinging In the Mountains & Over The Ocean – Video!

Recently I did the biggest rope swing of my life. Even though it was not as scary as jumping out of a tree with the ropes attached to piercings in my back, looking off a cliff 300m+ high preparing to jump is still very daunting. I found myself double checking all the gear, considering any possibility of mistake or gear failure. I also dreamt in my mind the body position I would attempt to fly through the air to my death if the worst was to happen and my gear was to fail. These thoughts, along with soaking in the natural beauty of my surroundings on a cliff are what drives my passion for rope swings, and jumping off cliffs in general.DSC06827

When participating in most sports, especially extreme sports such as Rock Climbing, Free Diving, Sky Diving and Rope Jumping I find my brain enters a very aware state that is focused only on the activity at hand. Any stress or negative emotions that may be plaguing my mind are completely blocked out. Everything else that is happening around the world is irrelevant. It is living in the moment in it’s purist form. I cease to acknowledge anything, or anyone exists except for those around me that are part of my fun either as a spectator or a fellow participant. Also, a cheeky bonus that goes along with enjoying sports such as these with others is there is always a big element of trust in each other. This trust creates amazing bonds of friendship. It does not matter if they are a professional in the sport and you are a learner, or vice versa, there is always shared enjoyment and trust.DSC06852

I have done many rope swings over the years. The first one when I think I was only 13. However, I am going to talk about the 2 I did recently that I have photos and videos of. The first one the cliff is around 60m’s high. Though it is not as high as the second jump, it can actually be more exciting because you are closer to the cliff and the ground which means you can feel the rush more flying past the object. The cliff was right along the edge of Sydney Harbour with amazing views of Sydney City and the Sydney Harbour Bridge in the back ground. There was a few of us that all trekked out to jump. There was also tourists that also became concerned spectators. I had not put to much thought into the jump this day. I did not really acknowledge the size until a second or so after I exited. Was such a nice jump and it made everything so much easier having someone lower me off to the ground. It was also enjoyable to give a few others the opportunity to enjoy their first rope swing. Especially those who were not use to being at heights or dangling on a rope. It is an amazing experience it’s self just giving others a go at something so exciting.DSC06873

The second jump was the big one. The cliff was 300m+ high, Though there was only about of 40 metres of rope out. We always use twin ropes all double backed up incase of any equipment failure. It was such a nice jump on a clear sunny day. It is so relaxing dangling on the end of the rope so high up. The only downside is having to climb up the ropes after. This is a shame because it prevents allowing in-experienced people have a jump.

If you would like to give rope jumps a go you will need to seek out someone you can trust is experienced at rigging them safely. There is a few companies that operate in places such as New Zealand and the Swiss Alps that provide a safe opportunity to have a jump. Because you are close to the cliff these jumps can actually be scarier then some bungees or sky dives.


 DSC06937 DSC06898

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