Rawa Island Malaysia

Rawa Island Malaysia

I recently returned back to Kuala Lumpur after visiting Rawa island, which is located about 5 hours from Kuala Lumpur and 45 minutes in a boat from Mersing. You can read the story on how I ended up on the Island partying with the owner here. But this article is more about how awesome this place is, getting there and what you will find.

At this point i’d like to point out I highly suggest visiting Rawa Island if you are near by.

Rawa Island is only small, it has 2 resorts on the island which are basically split by the jetty as a half way point. This is one of my favourite things about this island because the families with screaming children all stick to their busy side, leaving the other side quiet and more pure.

The best bit about Rawa is the fact it doesn’t have comercial crowds, there is no annoying people trying to scam you or selling you rubbish while you are trying to relax on the beach. You will be able to snorkel with the fish and coral, I even spotted small sharks (like real small, there is none here that would attack humans) as well as crabs, sting rays and other marine life. You can go for a hike up to the top of the mountain in the centre of the island where you can find peacocks, even albino ones as well as other wildlife. There is a jetty you can jump off, or even just drink beers and watch the sunset. You will also find a variety of island water sport activities to choose from.

Here you will find info for Alangs Rawa  This is the side I stayed on. If you are young, a couple, a backpacker etc then this is the side you want to stay on. There is no air con, footpaths, screaming children and so on. They cook amazing food at set meal times each day. Everything I ate tasted awesome, a favourite is the Rawa fish. You will find hammocks and beach beds all around to laze on through out the day. They have snorkelling equipment to hire as well as kayaks etc. On Saturday nights apparently the bar can get pretty busy full of travellers though I was not there on a saturday to experience this. You wont need to wear shoes the whole time you are here, you are on sand 90% of the time and it’s awesome. All the chalets are pretty much straight on the beach. When they are at full capacity they even set up tents, which would really be fine to stay in.

Here you will find info for the bigger resort for families and those who need air con and more modern accommodation. There is far more rooms with footpaths and a nicer dining area and bar etc. It is still not a busy comercial place, but it has screaming children and older people. Not my scene! I don’t know much about this side of the island, though I suggest this island as a place to visit, so if air con and families is your thing then check it out.

On both of the pages you will find details on how to get to the island. But it is about 4-5 hours drive or on a bus from KL. There is a closer airport also. Then it is about 45 minutes in a boat from Mersing which is all organised by the resort.

If you head out there and run in to Alang let him know you read the crazy Aussies blog.


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