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Being Awesome Isn’t a Privilege, It’s a Lifestyle!

My life ambition with the BLN project is to guide and inspire people to make positive lifestyle choices and carry out smart life style design.  Doing this by promoting minimal, independent and cruelty free lifestyles based on experiences and cultural acceptance. By opening peoples minds to new ideas and ways of thinking that are free from any form of indoctrination or hidden marketing agenda. It is a holistic outlook on life that incorporates aspects from many cultures around the world. Taking the positive ideas from both the East and West to change the way we think and our body’s function. I hope by researching and testing out these ideas and experiences that I can motivate others to aim for a life that brings us into balance and harmony with our fellow co-inhabitants and the ecosystem we share.

As I travel the world I will push my limits both physically and mentally. I will push my comfort zone so far sometimes that you may squirm in your seat just reading about my experiences. Some of these activities I will practice may be classed as taboo in your culture, but in other cultures they are important practices that heavily shape lifestyles. Our judgemental nature can make us frown upon these activities at times, but when understood properly they can provide more benefit to our lives than we notice just observing from the outside.

As some of the practices I have already experienced, as well as plan to do in the future look to be very extreme to those living the standard life in main stream society, I try to demonstrate my reasoning behind each activity, as well as demonstrate the safety back ups I have incase something goes wrong. Getting into the position to make such extreme actions, if it be a sport or a cultural experience will always need to be thoroughly researched and thought through. I would not like to see any one put them selves into a position of un-calculated risk, especially if it is without an experienced mentor at their side. It’s great to push our limits, but we should always do this with our health and safety in mind.

The style of journey I promote is usually a personal one. It is designed to promote independent thinking, making our own choices instead of going a long with the pack. This can at times cause us to feel disconnected and not fit in with others the same as we use to. Through my articles I hope I can ease off these occasional feelings of discomfort and help others build confidence that will assure them they are in fact on the right path and the life they feel pressured into living isn’t their only option.

As my blog progresses I hope to one day be able to do motivational talks and workshops on my passion of shaping our own lives and reality that will improve the lifestyles of those that are already somewhat content, as well as those who have hit rock bottom and need some assistance.

I hope you enjoy my blog and take on some of my ideas. If you have any friends you believe would find this site interesting please share.

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Hi, I’m Ian and I have made it my life mission to travel and experience everything this world has to offer. Follow me on my quest to live outside the boundaries of conventional society and see the world through the eyes of all our fellow inhabitants. I hope to inspire and motivate you to make your own path in life and push your own limits.

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  1. Meals July 5, 2013 7:22 am  Reply

    i love the ‘been there….done that’ concept…

    but i do question why the ‘& your girlfriend” part…

    to me this signifies still a connection to the ‘system’ as the idea of being this sexual overpowering alpha male who ‘fucks all the hot chicks’ is a very mass marketed idealized stereotype of how to live ‘ THE LIFE’.

    also saying “& your girlfriend” objectifies and belittles the value of a woman. Like she is just a hole to fill, then you can cross that one off the list and move onto the next one.

    Sex is great, I love sex with the man that I love. I could have sex with other men sure… or women perhaps… but it would just be going through the actions… i wouldn’t get the emotional and spiritual glow i get when i have sex with the man I love.

    I think if you named your book that – you would loose alot of your female audience… and I do think you want to enlighten and teach the whole human race dont you? Not just the men?

    just something to consider x

  2. Ian Hard July 8, 2013 1:21 pm  Reply

    I do understand where you are coming from. But it did really start as a joke, and it is ment to really stay as a joke! To make things harder, the only girls i’d be interested being in a relationship with are free spirits. A girl that really can’t be a possession to me. Though I hope to an amazing companion soon to travel around with me, or not mind the long trips away, I unfortunately do not have one. In regards to the system argument, being in couples could be argued as a system enforced thing. Lots of colonies out there that live what some would call “alternate lifestyles” ban people being in couples because of the issues it can cause in society.

    In short though, it can be looked at in both ways. I would prefer to have one girl, but unfortunately that is an achievement I will have to keep aiming for.

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