1. Free Yourself

1. Freeing yourself from materialistic and superficial desires means more money for travel!

Humans have been conditioned to a materialistic and superficial world. By freeing our attachment to our possessions and superficial desires we are freeing our mind. Obviously everyone still needs to keep practical belongings, but learn to have possessions of necessity. It has been proven as a sea saw effect: the more we have attachment and desire for materialistic items the less empathy we have for the world and others.

The more we consume, the more destruction to this world we have to answer for.

It is a widely known fact that corporations advertise their products targeting your irrational mind. The idea is that you create your identity and self worth on how you look, and what you own. If you can free yourself from this mindset, the healthier and happier your will feel. Another positive is, the less you own, the less you have to lose, break or have stolen. All of which situations would lead to negative emotions.

Read here about Edward Bernays, the so called master mind of propaganda, they then decided to call “P.R.”.

Think of how so many beauty products say “daily”. If you use the product daily, you consume and then purchase more. The magazines that instruct you to do these things are advertising these products by saying you will be healthier and more desirable to others.

Obviously everyone has their own limits as to how far they will go with this, every one has the right to find their own threshold with out the influence of others.

Putting into practice

If any one reading this decides to push it to the extreme and go completely nomadic like me. Keep a safety net! Keep what you need somewhere stored incase the unthinkable happens. I have stored the items I would require to set up a room somewhere in the event of an accident. As much as I try to be safe in my adventurist activities, one day I could still get hurt and require some time out. Keeping a safety net of belongings helps me be less dependant on others in a time of need.

When clearing out belongings consider donating what you can to improve the lives of others. Sell what has some value and use the money for travel. This could happen in stages, you may only feel getting comfortable with a certain amount of possessions at a time. Go at your speed, it’s your life.

From now, reconsider if you actually need something before you buy it. Do you really need 8 different shaped glasses in your house for each different style of drink? Do you really need to buy bottled water when you can just carry your own bottle and fill up at taps for free? Do you really want to go into a restaurant or club that the clothes you are wearing does not allow?

As you are thinking about this now and realising how hard of a task this would be, only confirms the fact you feel you require these items to be happy. But you don’t.

List of suggested learning materials


The Corporation (2003)

Waste Land 2010

The Economics of Happiness (2010)

The Century Of The Self – Series


The New Earth – Eckhart Tolle

Read about the studies of Sigmund Freud

Read about Edward Bernays 

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