2. Face Your Fears

Facing your fears in a controlled environment is such an amazing way to build mental strength and have fun. Most decisions made in life can be based on the emotion of fear due to instinct. From the clothes we wear, the purchases we make, the places we go and the food we eat. The consumerist societies we live in uses the fear of your irrational mind to make purchases. It is all based on addictions to the chemicals released in your brain when you feel something that is positive. The less we are scared of, the stronger we are. On top of this, far to many of us fear things that are no danger at all, or the likely hood of something happening to us is incredibly low. By facing our fears in controlled environments we can increase the threshold of what scares us and better deal with situations that pop up un-expectably. Facing fears can be loads of fun and lead to a more relaxed and balanced state of mind.

I have always found, the more I am scared of something before I do it, the more enjoyable the experience was as a whole. 

Here you can read about the flight or fight response, which is how we react when we feel we are in danger. Not just in a situation by someone physically attacking us, but also emotionally. Did you know that getting in petty fights and arguments with people releases adrenaline just the same as being in a risky situation out in the wild. People who always find themselves instigating such drama can in fact be adrenaline addicts. If we get our adrenaline hits elsewhere with more positive experiences, it could reduce the likely hood of us being in a negative one.

Everyone is going to have different fears of different kinds. You don’t need to go to the extreme straight away. Things can be done in baby steps, this really is the best way. Do some research on what you are scared of and find a trusted mentor to help you through the experience. Ask questions in the comment box or email me ian@bucketlistnomad.com if you would like me to help on suggestions.

Here is a video of me doing free fall body suspension.This was me pushing my limits of fear to the next level. It is probably the most rewarding experience of my life. Blog post can be found here.

Great book – Fear – Brian Germain

Good luck, stay safe.

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