3. Travel Solo

Go Solo For At Least 8 Weeks!

As much as traveling with friends and loved ones is a great experience that should be enjoyed by everyone, I honestly believe that going solo on an unplanned trip is one of the best experiences any one can enjoy. If you go traveling with friends, especially people you have grown up with, you have peer pressure like values from your conditioning in this environment.  When you travel alone you free yourself from these pressures and experience a new freedom. It is great for self-esteem and individualism.

Do what you feel, not what the group is doing. 

Obviously, you should keep safety in mind. Still keep friends and family updated with your location. However, in doing this, still ensure your freedom. The goal here is your safety, not their “piece of mind” or an opportunity for them to influence your decisions. Maybe select one good friend to have this arrangement with that you trust can handle a situation if one arises.

On this trip by all means go out and socialise, go on the journey with people you meet along the way. Explore the world and it’s culture with out the pressure of others. This is your time!

If you have any questions please comment below!

Good luck, stay safe.

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