4.Push Your Comfort

Take away as much comfort as you can, strip back to the necessities in life, put your self in positions of controlled discomfort. This really is a step by step process, but it builds such a strong mind. As much as it is great to enjoy the luxury of 5 star accommodation and our own space, humans have only evolved to require this in the conditioned mind. We were perfectly fine for thousands of years without more then a warm area in nature sheltered from exposure.

Life is built on addictions, literally every emotion and action in the world is built from the addictive pleasure we get, and this makes us crave more. Then when we find ourselves with out the same level of comfort we get withdrawal symptoms that lead to discomfort. Once you strip back such self indulgent requirements for comfort you realise your really require less and less to be happy. This promotes positive physical and mental health as well as being great for the environment.

The idea is, if you know you can rough it for a while with little money and comfort, and then when events happen in life out of your control, your mind is strong and prepared!

Some suggestions to get you started.

Take cold showers, it’s really not that bad. Set an amount of time, say a month of cold showers and then work down to it slowly making the shower colder and colder. Humans washed for years with this temperature.

Don’t wear shoes unless you have to. In shopping centres, the street, everywhere unless they are required for work or a fitness activity etc. It is discomfort physically and may make you self conscious from people looking at you. Who cares? Personally I prefer to not wear shoes unless I have to. I went barefoot from an island in Asia through KL and Singapore airports until Sydney when the weather was really cold so I put shoes back on.

Make it a trip, or make it life!

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