The Nomadic Life Progression – Being Inspired, Motivated & Getting Personal

Today I had a moment thinking about my blog and how it has evolved from an idea I had in September last year. Back then what I planned to create was a bit different to the direction Bucket List Nomad has taken, though I can all ready say I am finding it more rewarding then I imagined, and developing a lot faster. The faster BLN evolves, the faster I evolve as well.

I know the core ideas I had were the same. I wanted to tell my story, inspire, motivate, create new goals, take a new life direction and find something more rewarding to do then create and mix music, as after spending a season in Ibiza I was completely repulsed by the electronic music scene.

When I started creating this blog I was reading books and studying trying to learn everything I needed to know in a short amount of time. I actually still read a lot learning to make this site better in every way, I hope people do notice slow changes. Not long ago I knew nothing about creating a website or blog. I needed to learn all this. I was so determine to do as much as I could on my own. I wanted everything to be designed by me. I only got help with a few things where there was no way I could do it such as the hosting or putting my logo idea on to a screen. From the blog concept to the body position of the man in the logo I was thinking everything into detail as I realised this site is going to be a representation of my life and ideas broadcasted on the internet for the whole world to judge. When you stand back and look at it like that, it is a pretty daunting feeling. I have always felt that people who knew me might make some negative comments, though the people I make friends with on the way were going to be extremely positive. This has turned out true. It is interesting noticing people who I thought were really close friends who have never looked at this site once.

One of the core ideas of my blog is to show how much 1 person can do, experience and achieve on their own. From photography, videos and music to fitness and technical skills for sports, learning to write and much more. With this site I have managed to tie so many interests into one project and learn so much along the way. Everything I do is all funded by my own work efforts, so no one can say ” it’s easy for you to go and do that blah blah sponsor pays”. I hoped this would inspire others, and I all ready know it has.

A joey I found when I was away in the country creating my blog. We became such good friends. Straight away he thought I was his new mum.

A joey I found when I was away in the country creating my blog. We became such good friends. Straight away he thought I was his new mum.

As I started to create the blog and was working away I went into isolation. Part of the time was spent on a farm in the country, part interstate and some in my mates penthouse house sitting where no one would bother me.  I was not seeing friends very much, I went into lockdown and detox and went on a mission to get extremely fit after a summer of partying in Europe. Just from the early days of starting to create this site my thinking patterns changed drastically. Now, only a few months in I feel as though I am changing for the better, at a much more drastic rate. My perception of reality changes every day as new knowledge, no matter if it comes from books, conversations or the things that happen in my life make me understand the world in a a way I could never have imagined only a year ago. I can not emphasise how amazing this adventure of spiritual enlightenment, at a rapid speed feels.

I have noticed such huge changes to my personality, I feel as if I am turning into a bit of a hippie, but more techno hippie because I like technology and techno music. I have such hippie like values now which was confusing me slightly for a while. I now have far less interest in materialistic items. Much less time for egotistical people and such diss interest in comercial things. I can be a lot happier spending longer amounts of time on my own, receiving less attention. Life feels more simple, though I guess to people looking from the outside and what I have been up to, my life looks far from simple. I am just going to say, planning awesome adventures, going on awesome travels and not having the stress of the city life and the 9-5 grind. My life is simple!

One of my sort of rules so to speak I had for my self on this mission was not to do anything in my life just because now I was blogging. The idea was just to share the stories of what I was doing, and give people a bit of information so they could do the same. I recently realised that rule has to go.

From the conversations in person with people about my site, from the emails I receive, messages and comments on articles and facebook as well as people asking for interviews, writing articles and lovely comments about me on their own site I have realised that I am even more keen and inspired to try and move along quicker, get to some activities and trips that were going to be kept for later in life, purely because I know it will bring happiness and create inspiration for any one who checks out this site.

I have some amazing ideas of trips activities and stories to come. I have a lot being planned. As well as heaps of drafted content I am going to work harder to get posted at a faster rate. I still haven’t finished uploading all my articles on Asia!

Random photo of a horse, Just because I love this photo. Another photo I took out in the country while creating this site.

Random photo of a horse, Just because I love this photo. Another photo I took out in the country while creating this site.

I just wanted to say thank you for everyone who is supporting, especially with sharing, comments and reposting etc. The more this happens the more motivated I am and the faster this site is going to build from what was just a hub for me to share stories, to a small community of people living a life of awesome. Though something more important then that is, I now have more confidence to get a little more personal with you all, in my articles and soon I think I will actually start talking to the camera more when traveling, instead of just having them film what is going on. I hope everyone enjoys this change.

Saying that the more people interact with the site the faster it will develop, it will. But when ever I post a photo, a video, an article, a comment or anything related to my BLN idea, if it makes one person happy or inspired to do something awesome then it was worth it, no matter how much time was spent or effort was put in.


Me all geared up to go on a huge run through the country, burning energy while thinking up new ideas, the whole time pumping techno. From memory I ran about 24k's this day.

Me all geared up to go on a huge run through the country, burning energy while thinking up new ideas, the whole time pumping techno. From memory I ran about 24k’s this day.

I hope you enjoyed my random photos and article today!



Ian at Bucketlist

Hi, I’m Ian and I have made it my life mission to travel and experience everything this world has to offer. Follow me on my quest to live outside the boundaries of conventional society and see the world through the eyes of all our fellow inhabitants. I hope to inspire and motivate you to make your own path in life and push your own limits.

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  1. Yolanda May 12, 2013 9:28 pm  Reply

    that pic of you and the baby kanga is adorable your so cute!

    • Ian Hard May 15, 2013 6:44 pm  Reply

      Thank you for the nice message Yolanda xx

  2. rosalie May 14, 2013 2:02 pm  Reply

    i thought this article was a really nice change. definately makes your page more personal and it definately made me and my brother more motivate to save up so we could travel more. the animal pictures are really sweet to.
    can u explain what you mean by hippie values? we don’t understand what that means

    Zalie <3

  3. Ian Hard May 14, 2013 8:19 pm  Reply

    Where abouts are you and your brother from Zalie? Do you know what hippies are? Or Hipsters?

    Hippies are known for all kinds of things, but I was more referring to living a spiritual life, and starting to consider things like being a vegetarian and saving animals. Also being commercially influenced less and living a less materialistic life.

  4. rosalie May 14, 2013 9:11 pm  Reply

    We live in France. you would consider being vegetarian? would not that make travelling and trying different foods hard?
    I now a bit of what hippies are, but i dont know what they believe in. i only now about the weed sterotype?
    are hipsters not the people who try to be different to everyone else? or no ‘mainstream’?

    Zalie <3

    • Ian Hard May 15, 2013 6:42 pm  Reply

      I have considered it, but I doubt I could actually do it. So instead I try my best to never waste any animal products on my plate etc, or any food at all these days for that matter.
      I don’t think all hippies smoke weed. I think that is a bit of a mis conception. Personally I hate it and never smoke it!
      Personally I think Hipsters and Hippies are much the same in most ways!

      P.S. I really can’t wait to get to france and get up into the Mountains there!

  5. rosalie May 15, 2013 7:12 pm  Reply

    we have a lot of gypsies around here. they stay in the countryside every autumn and winter, but i was never allowed near them :(.
    I live next to the Pyrenees, all i want is the warm beach and sea! i am tried of the snow and cold. but it is a nice area to hike and camp at when it is summer.

  6. lex June 12, 2013 6:50 am  Reply

    “It is interesting noticing people who I thought were really close friends who have never looked at this site once.”
    Its sad to hear you say that. But ppl r shit and values can be fickle (just not with great people);-)

    • Ian Hard June 12, 2013 8:38 pm  Reply

      I don’t mind so much, I know most people don’t have much ability to explore the internet outside facebook any more.

  7. Meals July 5, 2013 6:07 am  Reply

    I know what you mean Ian – the last year or so I have progressively become more ‘hippie’.

    I hate materialistic superficial ideas and people. I have quit working in fashion and I am going to study psychology.

    I also now do more meditation and yoga, and am more interested in healthy clean eating.

    I hate supermarkets, I hate ‘fashion’, I hate commerical music, I hate sitcoms and stupid current affairs shows. Its so force fed and fake.

    Sounds like you are becoming a very interesting person. (i mean you were interesting before….but for the wrong reasons hahaha)

    Hope you can be at John & I’s wedding in March 2014.


    • Ian Hard July 8, 2013 1:26 pm  Reply

      ” I have quit working in fashion and I am going to study psychology” – Probably the greatest thing I have heard you say.

      I know you have always found me interesting, but quite shocking at times haha. I’m glad you like the new reasons 🙂

      I am pretty sure I will be there!

  8. Meals July 5, 2013 7:01 am  Reply

    oh also – I do also think that – if I had a more flexible job like you do – few hours – high pay – then I would be able to live a more ‘out there’ lifestyle. but unfortunately …. my current set of skills dictate I must sit in an office 5 days a week for 8 hrs a day. I am not a rare combination of electrician/mechanic/abseiler like yourself.

    trust me… there are a billion things i’d rather be doing than sitting here doing data entry. And i do as many of those things as i can after work and on weekends. but i dont have the money to travel to such exotic locations or have the time off work. i have to pay rent, pay bills, be at work, be with John, be with my family, etc.

    you are very lucky with your set of skills and how you are able to make a living – not many people are as lucky as you are in respect to income and work hours.

    if i won the lottery today – i would leave the country tonight! and you can argue — oh money isn’t everything – materialistic values blah blah …. but the fact still remains i cant get on an airplane for free, nor can i swim across the ocean. (although you probably would haahha) I dont think a person needs to be in an exotic location to experience enlightenment either. sure it can certainly speed up the process – but i don’t think ultimately its necessary.

    but certainly your new attitude to life is a good one, and we ‘less fortunate’ can apply this mindset to our daily plain lives to make them more enjoyable and positive. i read your post about making money in different ways – but

    ( part of this post was removed)

    I like that you say you were repulsed by the electronic music scene… i would like to know more about what exactly repulsed you? I suspect is it … once you were there amongst ‘it all’ – there was actually nothing ‘there’. Just smoke and mirrors and a lot of fake anxious people trying to ‘be someone’.

    oh and lastly… just because we are all ‘back here in the system’ doesn’t mean we aren’t all valuable interesting people with hopes and dreams and desires… longing one day to get out of the system.

    anyway… i will probably read your blog more regularly now (part of this post was removed)

  9. Ian Hard July 8, 2013 1:46 pm  Reply

    Meals! Thanks for the long reply. Sorry I had to remove part of the post.

    I get people all the time saying ” you’re so lucky to have that lifestyle and that job etc”
    I hate this. So much.

    It was not luck. It took me almost 4 years to get a job that allowed me to have this lifestyle. This is after I completed my trade and engineering qualifications at tafe. At one stage there I was doing courses 8 hours a day, then working to 1130 pm at night. Working all day/night saturday and then Sunday afternoons. I paid for most of my courses and qualifications. I worked my ass off to have this job, to live this life style. It took me almost 4 years but it was all planned. I wanted this job, to live this life. Though I partied a lot for part of this time, I still had my shit together when it came to running my business through the week and learning everything I needed to get the job I wanted.

    My idea isn’t to get any one to copy me, I just want readers to think out side the box. As you said there is more to life then just fashion etc and you have decided to study psych. Now, imagine if Johnos job permitted, you could go live in asia for so much cheaper then in Sydney, be on an island or an amazing location to carry out your studies. Also you could consider international exchange instead of being int he same city you grew up. Lots of people don’t think of ideas like this. They just do what’s forced upon them by society and parents.
    I do understand you have to pay rent and bills etc, But you can change your level of comfort to change the amount of these bills so you can save. In regards to seeing your family etc, this is a choice you have to make. As much as I love my family and they are great, I really don’t mind leaving them for months at a time.

    I certainly still value all people, my life wouldn’t work if everyone tried to live alternate lifestyles like mine!

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