True Inspiration Can Be An Adventure In The Mind

DSC06937Roles models are a big part of everyone’s life growing up. We look up to our parents, siblings and extended family. Our teachers at school are looked upon as role models, as well as coaches for sport and extra curricular activities. Also there is role models pushed on us in the world of media and arts such as film and television stars, as well as famous athletes. Throughout our lives there is so many people we can stop and look up to for guidance, motivation and as an example of someone we aspire to be like.

Though if we stop for a moment and think.

Every interaction we have with others is playing a role. We act differently and play the part in each given situation. The society we live in teaches us how and what role we must play in each situation for various reasons. For example we are going to act extremely different with someone we are keen on compared to someone we a doing a business transaction with.

It can be easy to look to those close to us as our main inspiration. That provide us with the path we wish to take in life. But unfortunately this can sometimes leave us living a less fore-filled  life that isn’t actually chasing our dream, but someone else’s. Or worse off, a dream that is really only planted in our minds from clever marketing.

Personally I find it disturbing that the Australian dream ( as well as the dream of other nations people) is to ” own your own home”. I think it is complete madness that many of us live in a system that makes it extremely difficult for us to have our own section of the planet to live and be comfortable in. Though there has always been conflict and rivalry in human civilisations to defend it, for thousands of years having your own shelter for your family was just a right of passage. Humans are the only living beings that pay to live. For all the other creatures everything is provided by nature. Facing the facts, money isn’t real, it’s a tool created by man that only has the value we allow it to have. 50 calories of plants from nature is always going to give us the same amount of energy. Money and other materialistic items only have the value we give it as humans.

Unless your eye’s locked on to an athlete or an artist of some type, the goals you aspire to achieve from your role models may look similar to this common structure ;

Achieve good grades at school, buy a car, attend university, pay off car loan and living expenses with a part time job, complete uni, get a job that provides security to pay off Uni debt, find a nice partner and start a family,  buy a home, work hard to be promoted so you can pay off the home  and provide everything your family needs.

Unfortunately this can lock us into years and years of work. It also adds many elements to our lives that can create stress. In many cases it also opens up a void inside us that can never be filled.

Especially if you are young, but it need not matter your age or the stage of your evolution in life, I challenge you to take time out to listen to your heart and intuition. Find somewhere peaceful with no distractions and decide what you truly want to achieve in life. Decide if the work required to meet those goals is worth it. Find your own dream, not one that has been set out by society and the role models close at hand.  Find your true role models, those who preach what you believe in, achieve what you dream of, or set a record for you to break. Look for role models in life who break the boundaries and push the limits. There is so many people that challenge the status quo, they may be your friends or people who deliver their message through art.  Make yourself aware of these people, focus on them and aspire to not be them, but your true self, aspire to have your own goals, don’t slave away and allow yourself to be stressed in life to achieve  goals from idea’s that were not even yours to begin with.

Find that awareness inside you and allow this inspiration to be an adventure inside your mind that creates your adventure through reality.

My intuition told me to live a life of experience and personal development, where success is based on health, happiness and clarity of the mind.

What does your intuition tell you?

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Ian at Bucketlist

Hi, I’m Ian and I have made it my life mission to travel and experience everything this world has to offer. Follow me on my quest to live outside the boundaries of conventional society and see the world through the eyes of all our fellow inhabitants. I hope to inspire and motivate you to make your own path in life and push your own limits.

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